Using Pinterest to Create Your Wedding Theme, and What Our Wedding Would Look Like Today Using Our Own Advice!


As my husband can attest to, I spend time almost every evening scrolling through my Pinterest feed, pinning pretty photos for both my personal and CF account. When it comes to unwinding and relaxing, this is right up there with Bravo and HGTV for me!

For the farm, I have several private boards where I pin away anything and everything that appeals to me. As I go back to look through, I’m usually stunned by the recurring themes that I’ll see. This is a great way for couples to narrow down what style wedding may best suit them!

While you may find that you pin everything from certain weddings, it’s equally normal to find a creative or inspiring idea from a wedding that isn’t what you consider "your style" and makes you question your own choices. Being able to have all your inspiration on the same feed allows you to go through and see commonalities. Once you view everything together, it's easy to see the 'big picture' and develop your theme. You can then look at any out-of-the-box ideas and see what you (or a planner!) can come up with to incorporate an outlying idea that you're still in love with into your wedding day.

So what’s one of the trends I see in my current Pinterest feed that would influence me if I were planning a wedding today? I call it "Sophisticated Minimalism"! Lots of white, green, and natural elements. I think a simple, stunning detail – with a pop of green against white, just seems so clean, timeless, and elegant!