There’s a New Farm Dog in Town!

Dear Internet,

Meet Doug. Our new rescue pup! He’s pretty cute, right?!

T and I first saw Doug when a co-worker of mine was fostering him. We immediately fell in love. We had recently lost Emmitt’s older brother, Max, last December, so we were always used to having 8 paws stomping around the house. Doug has brought renewed, puppy energy back into the home, and quite honestly, we love seeing Emmitt get his payback now that he’s the big brother who wants to relax while a puppy tries to play and cuddle with him all day long! :-)

Three things you should know about Doug:

  1. He’s a huge wuss. Cold is his nemesis, and he actually tried to lay UNDERNEATH our wood stove upta camp.
  2. He’s big on cuddles. Even if it is just for body heat, Doug always wants to be curled up next to a human or another pup.
  3. He’s adorable. This may be his mother talking, but just look at the little guy!

Doug recently got back from puppy training camp with The Maine Pack. We loved that Abby worked with all kinds of dogs and that Doug was trained outside of a bubble. Doug did way more than obedience training. He was socialized, went for walks with all sorts of distractions, and worked on issues specific to him (i.e. he doesn’t get to play with every dog and human he comes into contact with!) T and I will continue to work with him so he can roam the grounds with Emmitt while we work on projects, but he now knows all his commands and has a great foundation for us to build upon.

Be prepared to see the pint size fur ball sneak up in shots around the farm with his big bro, Emmitt!