All Signs Point Towards GO

It seems like every day we hear good news relating to the farm. The best news has probably been from the town. While we still have to go in front of a committee for a site plan review, the town itself was very positive and welcoming towards our idea to run an event venue at this property. 

Most recently, we received positive feedback for the bank appraisal. Thanks to many wasted nights plopped in front of HGTV, the importance of finding great comps to make sure you're getting a fair price was ingrained in my brain. While we believe this property is worth every penny, it certainly is unique! Unique means comps are hard to find. Having positive feedback from the appraiser was a relief!

As for now, we have to wait a week or two to get the final go from the appraiser. After that, the next stop is the closing - set for just over a month from now. EEK! Our minds are reeling with all we have to do to prepare for the move. We'll be renting our house in Yarmouth while we live on the Farm to start the business and work on renovations. Our current house is the only one T and I have ever lived in together, so the move is exciting but a little bittersweet. Needless to say, checklists are everywhere! And they are loooong! There's plenty we want to do around our home before it gets rented, we have to pack, and my Pinterest page is constantly being updated with fun, beautiful renovation ideas for the property!

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