Dairy Barn Deck Goes On!

I've been itching for the last week and a half to show you all the new deck we built for the Dairy Barn! 

We wanted to take advantage of the beautiful grounds, as well as allow couples to seamlessly have their weddings flow inside to outside. The deck perfectly marries the two options!

While inside the barn, the french doors enhance the view of the land for your guests. Once opened, not only do the doors bring in a nice breeze, but guests have yet another way to step outside and enjoy some fresh air.

T did a wonderful job choosing a mahogany wood that silvers as it ages. We wanted the deck to blend into the existing structure, and over the course of the next couples months, this wood will mimic the same gray and wood tones in the shingles of the barn. 

We see the deck and lawn area just down from the stairs being a perfect spot for cocktail hour!