Barn & Farm Weddings If You’re Not a "Rustic" Bride


When most people see a barn venue listed on a wedding invitation, they immediately think of a rustic bride. And a barn in Maine? Add in a bride who probably has Bean Boots on under her dress!

Of course living on a farm with three barns, we love rustic barn weddings. Living in Maine, I, too, have about four pairs of Bean Boots at any given time. That being said, I think it’s important for people to appreciate that some of the more traditionally rustic venues also have great potential to be the most elegant, glamorous, and romantic spots for a wedding.

Below are some ideas to transform any rustic spot into a “ballroom at a barn” look!

  1. Lighting
    Lighting plays a key role in conveying the atmosphere of any event. How much lighting, the style of any chandeliers being used, the location of lighting (it’s not just for ceilings!) – all these choices help define the impression guests get when they walk into your reception.
  2. Tents
    Barn and farm wedding venues tend to be located on absolutely stunning properties! Imagine a beautiful sail tent - with it’s perfectly pitched lines - standing in a field, only adding to the ambiance of a property.

  3. Al Fresco
    Going back to that stunning property idea, al fresco weddings have the potential to be the most elegant, glamorous, and romantic of all weddings! And fortunately, barns are just as gorgeous to look at from the outside as from the inside. Adding in lighting can help define the space and keep even the largest vista still feeling intimate for your guests.

    Even though this may be one of my favorite ideas, make sure to be realistic about al fresco weddings, and always have a back-up weather plan that you’d be completely happy with!

  4. Drapes
    Drapes and fabric can certainly transform the mood of a space! Whether it’s inside a barn, a tent, or hanging from an arbor for an al fresco event, fabric can add a luxurious feeling to any wedding.

So there you have it – how to adorn a barn or farm venue to set the tone for a dreamy, sophisticated evening! 

For more inspiration, check out our Elegant Barn & Farm Weddings Pinterest page!

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