The 2018 Wedding Trend We're Most Excited to See!

As we look towards the 2018 wedding season, we love to read up on predicted trends, continuing trends, and the ever-classic styles that will remain ever-popular!

One of these recent articles was from WeddingWire, found here. They mention geometric shapes, doughnuts for dessert, bold blooms, blue hues – and one last trend that I’m all too happy to see – copper!

WeddingWire pairs marble with the copper trend, and elsewhere we’ve seen rose gold added as akin to the copper trend. As someone that’s been wearing only rose gold jewelry for years, (just check out my own wedding rings below!), I’m happy to see my own idea of a classic style rising in fashion.

I’m especially excited to see this trend take action at the farm! While metallic accents in general are a beautiful way to reflect lighting design and add a glow to your space, rose gold or copper also adds warmth – and with the pinkish undertones, a romantic glow!

I also love the contrast of taking the more modern trend and using it in vintage space, such as a barn, and it can even be combined with many of the other 2018 trends, such as blue hues.

Take a look at our copper and rose gold Pinterest board for inspiration on how to incorporate this trend into your own wedding décor!